The Best Websites to Find Free Movie Streams

There are hundreds of free online movie streaming websites and services out there, however only a handful offer an easily accessible and enjoyable experience while browsing and watching movies and TV shows. Many are often frustratingly difficult to use: lack of available movies and shows, low quality videos, broken links and pop-up ads are just a few irritating aspects that make streaming online movies for free practically impossible.

Here is a always updated list of the newest and greatest free movie streaming sites available right now.

1. Tubex

Tubex offers hundreds of reliable, high quality movies and TV series all in one place for absolutely nothing, completely free! Tubex also has great search functionality making the entire browsing experience quick and easy.

Tubex displays trusty links for each movie that are consistently updated and checked for video quality, making your choice a million times easier. This site is honestly one of the best movie streaming sites out there and is completely deserving of it’s number one spot.

2. Putlocker

As the single most popular website for free movie streams, Putlocker has a collection of thousands of movies and television shows. You can browse through their selection by genre, by popularity, or you can take a look at the most recently added streams on the front page of their website. If you’re looking for a specific film or TV show, you can easily use the search bar on their website to find the right item that you’ve been looking for.

3. PopcornFlix

There is a catalog of over 1500 movies that are available from PopcornFlix is genres including: documentaries, foreign films, horror, drama, and more. You don’t even need to sign up for an account to have access to their media, as with other sites such as Hulu and Netflix. The majority of the movies on PopcornFlix are relatively old and you won’t be able to find the latest releases in the movie theatres, though it is another option for people who want to take a look at an extensive collection of films.

4. SolarMovie

SolarMovie has a large selection of high quality movies to choose from, and a decent sized community following which is great for feedback, and keeps the site improving. Unfortunately SolarMovie have a few broken links across the site, due to the changing of the URLs in the past.

Aside from this slight downside, SolarMovie offers a great browsing experience and a good selection of high quality movies.

5. Crackle

Crackle is an entirely free (and legal) movie streaming website that has an exclusive agreement with Sony Pictures. There are hundreds of free movies that you can have access to through their site and they also have an application that you can download on your mobile device or your PlayStation console. The only downside to the media from Crackle is the fact that there are advertisements placed throughout the movie, so it’s just as if you’re watching it on TV.

6. Amazon Prime

Although not completely free, Amazon Prime offers up a free 30-day trial, during this time you can stream a huge selection of movies and TV shows, anywhere and anytime. Unfortunately once the free trial is up, you will be charged a hefty 99$ for your next subscription.

Amazon Prime gets the fourth spot on this list due to it’s price tag but be sure to check this out just for the free trial.

7. LosMovies

Los Movies has a large selection of free movies streams, nice design and is quick and easy to navigate. However, lack of HD quality videos and annoying pop-up advertisment can make the overall experience frustrating at times.

Overall, a good free movie streaming experience with minimum distraction for actual movie watching.

8. Vumoo

The newly updated Vumoo has a beautiful design and frequently updated, high quality, free movie streams as well as a handy search functionality, making this a great experience all round. Vumoo can be a little slow at time, but makes up for this with the great selection of movies and sleek design.

9. iMovieTube

iMovieTube showcases all of their most popular films on the front page of their site which includes titles that have just been released or the most popular titles that users have continued to watch for a while. You also have the ability to browse through their collection by genre or with the help of their search bar. They have a relatively extensive collection of media that you can take a look at.


Watching movies online for free has become a trend that many people love as it helps them to save money and to still see their favorite films. With the ability to find free movie streaming websites, you’ll find copies of the latest films that are still in theatres and older films that have simply been uploaded to the internet. With free streaming sites, members of the website can post links to the media that takes the viewer to another site where the movie is hosted. You can then use that website’s media player to watch your favorite films.

Hopefully this list can help you decide where to stream online movies and TV shows for free with minimal fuss, anytime, anywhere.